David Archuleta Shares His Heart

24 May

“Take a step, even when you fall it ain’t over yet. If you’re in the crossfire don’t forget, that you don’t have to be #invincible .” I have a tendency to give up on things. The feelings of not being good enough or simply being unmotivated have kept me laying in bed all day before. I’ve wanted to give up on school, on my career, on trying new things, and on myself a lot. It’s a battle that seems to not go away.

I’ve also had to battle with an addictive personality. I’ve lost control to food, to video games, to anger, holding grudges, to pornography, fetishes, abuse and being manipulated (It’s a strong emotion that yes you can get addicted to and latch onto craving—even seeking after it) self-pity, excuse-seeking, and overall negative thinking. To social media, and yes, music.

You may not think all of these things are bad, but all of these things I have at some point lost self-control. But you know what? I keep trying. Through prayer and crying out to God, having family and close friends listen to me when I feel helpless and feel like giving up. They walk alongside me, cry with me, and help me get back on my feet when I’m lying on the ground. They’ve inspired me to become more than I thought I was.
God knows we’re not perfect. He knows our bodies and minds provide us with plenty of weaknesses. But rather than letting them get the best of us, let us become stronger through them. “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.” - 2 Cor 12:10

I get discouraged. I get frustrated. I get distracted. I get lazy. I get angry. I get moody. I get suspicious of others’ intentions. I get lonely. But the more I go through it all I can look back and say “I got through it.. I fought through.” And that’s what matters. A moment of hope and inspiration also shines in the darkness.
If you’ve felt like giving up, feel like a failure, feel like you’ve lost self-control, like you’re not good enough.. Know you’re not alone, and in your weakness you can be made strong. We weren’t designed to live perfectly, but we were designed to keep trying and overcome. 

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