Qui est Ethen Liam Xander?

Qui est Ethen Liam Xander? Qui est Ethen Liam Xander? Qui est Ethen Liam Xander?
So, the question begs an answer as to why I chose the name Ethen Liam Xander as my pen name. I chose the name because I believe that it fits my overall personality. The name "Ethen" is of Hebrew origin, and is an alternative spelling of Ethan. The name means Firm/Strong. The name "Liam" is of Irish origin, and is a shortened form of William. The name means Strong-willed Warrior. The name "Xander" is of Greek Origin and means Defender of the People. So, if you put it all together - Ethen Liam Xander is a strong-willed warrior who is a defender of the people, and stands firm for truth and right.

Several people have asked from time-to-time if they can share some of my personal writings and/or personal quotes that I share for everyone to read. The answer is a resounding YES! I do not own a copyright to anything that I write. I have but one request, and that is that you give proper credit where credit is due. That is to say, you did not write it, so please don't try to take credit for it. Please be so kind to mention that the article(s) or quote(s) were written by or shared by Keith Lionel Brown, or you can also use my pen name - Ethen Liam Xander. As a budding writer, I greatly appreciate that.

Also, I hope that when I post an article that I have written that you will take the time to actually read it. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments as I use those as a guide to gauge what people like reading and what they don't like reading. If you don't like something that I have said or written, please don't be concerned with "offending my sensitivities." Be honest. But please don't just say that you don't like something that I wrote and go away without expounding upon or explaining your thoughts regarding what I have written. Please give me some honest and open feedback. I am not perfect, nor am I a know-it-all. I only ask that you keep the tone of your comments CIVIL and above all, PROFANITY FREE.

One of my personal goals is to grow my presence in the social media world in a positive way through my writing. This is not a hobby for me by any means. This is a huge part of my life mission, and my humble efforts to be a "missionary" to the world. Your comments are a tremendous help in making that goal a reality as I use them to help me improve my writing.

Pleas take five minutes to listen to my first original song called "Song of My Heart," which was released on Friday, 12 April 2019.