For These Things I Humbly Give Thanks

20 Nov

I am thankful for my family whom I love very much. I thank God every day for each of them and for all that they have done and continue to do for me. They are the wind beneath my wings that allows me to soar ever so high. I do not know where I would be without their unfailing love and devotion. I am eternally grateful that we are FAMILY.

I am thankful for all of my friends, both near and far. Words cannot adequately express the love, joy, and gratitude that I feel in my heart for each of them. I may never personally tell any of them just how much I appreciate them, but let it be known that I absolutely do appreciate all of them. And even though some of us may have never met face to face, I do feel of their love for me. At times when I may feel down, they are always there as strong pillars to lift me up, support me, and encourage me. And so, to all of them, I just want to say, “Thank You and God Bless You.”

I am thankful for all the naysayers of the world who for whatever reason feel it necessary to be critical of the things that I say and do. They are the coals that are needed to help keep my fires of determination burning. They may try to defeat me and knock me down, but I will always choose to get back up. They may think that they are hindering me from pressing forward by attempting to snuff out the flames that burn within me as one would snuff out the flame of a candle, but all it takes is one small spark from their ever glowing embers to reignite any flame that may have burned out during times of storms, trials, and adversities. And so, in reality they are more of a help than they will ever know in helping me more each day to never give in and to never give up. To them as well I owe a debt of gratitude.

But above all else, I am thankful for my loving Heavenly Father. In spite of all of my faults, shortcomings, and failures, He has never left me nor forsaken me. He is always right there beside me. He never slumbers or sleeps. He does not have a telephone, but I still can call Him anytime, night or day, seven days a week, and I never have to leave a message for Him to return my call because He personally answers all incoming calls. He does not have a Facebook account, but He is my dearest and closest friend. He does not have a Twitter account, but where He leads me, I will surely follow. He does not have a LinkedIn account, but I know His credentials and He knows mine. He does not need a YouTube account to display the majesty and wonder of His creations, all I have to do is open my eyes and behold the beauty and the splendor of it all. I have but “One Life To Live” and I take great comfort and solace in knowing that He loves and cares for “All [His] Children.” There are no “Secret Storm(s)” in my life that I have to endure for He knows all about them. He is my eternal “Guiding Light”. He is always with me even to “The Edge of Night.” Even if I must walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I need to fear no evil, for His rod and His staff, they comfort me. He is my Day Star and my Song in the night. He alone is worthy to be praised!

What are some of the things that you are thankful for?


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