What of the Night?

01 Jul

Whenever I journey to known or unknown territory, my personal preference is to do all of my exploring during the daylight hours. During the daylight hours I am more apt to be able to get my bearings and to make note of certain landmarks along the roads that I travel to make sure that I am traveling in the right direction to reach my destination, and when the time comes to make the return trip home, I can easily find my way. Even if there are danger signs along the way and I have to alter my route and take a detour, there is a certain amount of solace and comfort in being able to clearly see those warning signs and divert my course, even though the alternate route may lead me into unfamiliar territory. But, what of the night?

When the night begins to fall my focus and line of sight is not as sharp as it is during the daylight hours. When night comes I prefer to have already arrived at my destination and not have to be concerned about any challenges that may occur along the way. Though the challenges that I may face during the day are the same as the challenges that I may face during the night, my sphere of comfort seems to be greater when I have light to shine upon a situation and can see where I am going. The darkness tends to obscure my vision and cause greater concern and anxiety as I try to find my way.

What happens when the strong winds of adversity begin to blow? What happens when the storm clouds begin to gather, the thunder roars and the lightning flashes all around us? Do we find that our level of faith, trust, and confidence are the same as during the daylight hours when all appeared to be well? How often in the times of despair and distress do we find ourselves making such comments as, “If it is not one thing, it’s another.” Or, how many people in their hours of desperation have cried out in the night, “Why is this happening to me?”

We can take heart that the God of the daytime is also the God of the night. Just as He is there to lead, guide, strengthen, and protect us during the daylight hours, He is also there in the night hours and He is willing to carry us if necessary. Indeed His grace is enough and there is no night so dark that His glorious light cannot penetrate it. So, what of the night? As long as I know that He is right there beside me, there is no need to worry or fret.

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